Online Banking Troubleshooting

1. The correct website for Delta Bank is If you spell out the word bank in the URL you will not be delivered to the correct website.

2. If the request for a One-Time Security Code provides a list of incorrect telephone numbers, click on the back arrow (←) and enter the correct username. The incorrect telephone numbers indicate that your username was incorrect or had a typo.

3. A One-Time Security Code may be received by phone call or text. If Phone is chosen a code will be provided on the computer screen. Your phone will ring, and you will be asked for the code. If you are told the code has expired, try a different browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)

If Text method is chosen a code will be sent to your cell phone by text message and you will enter it in the box provided on the computer screen. Simply choose the radio button next to “Send a text message to a mobile phone on record.” Click on “Continue” and type your cell number in the space provided. This will prompt the text message containing the code to be sent to your phone. Use the code within the text message, not 32858 which is the short-code the text is sent from.

4. Searching for a transaction may require more account history than is provided upon initial login. To see more history, open the account detail on the preferred account and click on the “Search” button located to the top left of the posted items. The choices include Time Period, Type, and Transaction.

5. Transferring Funds from checking or savings accounts to a checking or savings account may be accomplished by choosing “Money Movement” from the top menu, then choose “Transfer” from the drop-down box.

6. Transferring funds from a HELOC, PLOC or Commercial LOC to a checking or savings account may be accomplished by choosing “Money Movement” and then “Loan Payment” from the dropdown box. Loan payments are also allowed on this page.

7. If “Bill Pay” is chosen and only a white page appears, sign out of online banking and sign in using a different browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.)

8. Downloading Transactions is possible under the “Accounts” Tab on the top menu. Choose Reports from the drop-down box. Quick Books and Quicken are available.

9. After 3 incorrect passwords you will be locked out of online banking. Before locking yourself out go to the sign in page, enter your username (click on “Forgot my username” link if you do not know yours). Then on the Password page choose “Reset your password?” You will be required to answer a few questions.

10. If your QuickBooks stops syncing with online banking delete the connection and reconnect.

Mobile Banking App

1. “Forgot my Username” and “Reset my Password” links are available at sign on page. Your password cannot be changed within the mobile app.

2. It is very important to keep your iOS operating system up to date. If you are unable to sign on to a mobile app check for updates in, Settings → General → Software Update.

If you do not see the words, “iOS is up-to-date” install the pending update(s).

3. If you cannot sign on to the Delta Bank mobile app and you have verified your username and password are correct, the next step is deleting the Delta Bank mobile app. This can be accomplished by holding your finger on the Delta Bank widget until it begins to shake. Then touch the “X” in the corner of the widget. Next, go to your iPhone “Settings”, slide down the page to “Safari”. Open “Safari” then page down to “Clear History and Website Data.”

Go to the App Store and add Delta Bank Mobile App back to your phone. Sign in.

4. Facial Recognition may stop working especially after an iOS update or even when an app is updated. If so, open your app and go to settings under the “More” widget, open “Quick Access” and turn your facial recognition on.

5. If you purchase a new iPhone refer to #3 above. Your iCloud has saved the old path to mobile banking. It is necessary for you to delete the app and reinstall after clearing your Safari history.