Money 101

Nothing ever stays the same – especially where your money is concerned. Different stages of life require different financial strategies.

You can find helpful information from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation right here to help guide you as you move through your financial life.

Practical Advice for Everyone on How to Save and Manage Money

Planning to get married?

Find out what you need to know before the big day. Starting a Household on Solid Ground Financially

Practical Information for Parents and Caregivers

Tips for Teaching Young People About Money

Saving for A Child’s Future

Tips for Teens

Where to Begin: Saving and Managing Your Own Money

Tips for Young Adults

Simple Ways to Rev Up Your Savings

For Everyday Banking: Choosing the Best Account for You

If You Need to Borrow for Higher Education

Auto Loans: How to Get a Good Deal

Credit Cards: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Is Debt Weighing You Down?

How Much Do You Know About Managing Your Money? Take the Quiz

Are you someone’s financial caregiver?

Helping Disabled or Elderly Relatives with Money Management, Even from Far Away

Plan now for your retirement years.

Getting Your Finances Ready for Your Golden Years

Retired and on a fixed income?

Managing Your Expenses on a Fixed or Reduced Income

What to do after a major life change.

Ways to Cope Financially During and After a Big Change