Delta Bank MasterCard Debit Cards for Personal Checking

Delta Bank MasterCard Debit Cards may be requested upon opening a checking account.

Phone number to report lost or stolen cards – 800-500-1044


A debit card works like a credit card allowing you to purchase goods and services at all of the same locations that accept credit cards. A debit card can be run through a merchant’s authorization equipment and signed for by the holder like a credit card. It can also be used to pay for goods at many grocery and convenience stores that have been configured with PIN keypads. A debit card allows you to check balances and access funds at ATMs, and obtain cash back from merchants.


The principle benefit of a debit card is that it affords a consumer access to her money without carrying it around. Whether by paying at a restaurant or accessing it via ATMs, the money that is spent by you has already been earned and debt is avoided. It has all of the functionality and usability that is provided with a credit card while limiting or eliminating many of the potential hazards associated with revolving debt.


Although a debit card is associated with a specific checking account, the card bears the logo of a well recognized card issuer, such as MasterCard. It is through the services offered by credit card issuers that allows the card to be processed and the merchant to receive funds from the proper account. This also affords protection for your money as it provides for reports of lost or stolen cards to prevent unauthorized use.


Many people lack the experience to manage credit card debt carefully as is evidenced by the number of delinquent accounts that credit card companies manage. The use of a debit card is an ideal choice for such individuals because it gives them the protections and benefits of a credit card without tempting them to incur substantial debt. Using such a tool in this way can help them learn to use credit responsibly and spend their existing money wisely.