On October 1, 1973, when a group of local investors acquired the charter of the failed Delta Security Bank in Ferriday, La., Delta Bank was born. That bank was originally called Louisiana Central Bank. Our first board of directors included Chairman, Richard A. Campbell, Sr., Dr. Gerald F. DeLaune Jr., Dr. Claude Current, Robert Lehmann, Purser Raborn, Leo Young, Jack McLemore, Sr. and Victor Vegas.

Delta Bank still operates from that first building in Ferriday, Louisiana at 302 Louisiana Avenue. In June of 1977, Louisiana Central Bank opened its Vidalia office at 1617 Carter Street. Delta Bank expanded that office in 2005. Today the Vidalia location is the main office of Delta Bank.

In 1985, with a vision to the future and growth, Central Louisiana Capital Corporation was formed as a bank holding company and became the sole owner of Louisiana Central Bank. Stockholders of the bank became stockholders of the holding company and several Louisiana Central Bank directors were named to the holding company board.

In 1986 another Louisiana bank failed and Central Louisiana Capital Corporation purchased the Bank of Dixie. This purchase was completed and Louisiana Delta Bank was born. Our market area now stretches for over 100 miles along some of the most fertile soil in America.

Our heritage has been to provide innovative banking products with unique hometown service and attention to customers. For that reason, we operated our two institutions as two banks for a number of years. Eventually, it became apparent that with common ownership and vision for community banking, it only made sense to have one bank with one identity. So on January 1, 2002, Delta Bank was formed from the union of Louisiana Central Bank and Louisiana Delta Bank.

Throughout our history, it has been our distinct pleasure to serve our friends, neighbors and customers. From those early days as a very small community bank with one location to today with operations in seven locations, Delta Bank provides our unique brand of community banking along the Mississippi River from Lake Providence to Natchez, Mississippi. You are the reason for our success and we say, “THANK YOU”.

We are glad you are part of our bank and our history. Please continue to work with us as we continue writing our exciting history.

This history would not be complete without remembering with great respect those men who helped build this company but are no longer with us today. Robert Lehmann, Richard A. Campbell, Sr., C. J. “Brer” Schiele, Purser Raborn, Buford Perry, Dr. Claude Current, John Terral, Cliff Merritt, Jack McLemore, Sr., Paul Marsh and Leo Young all served our organization faithfully and with great pride before their deaths. We miss them all greatly.

We are also extremely fortunate to have had a number of directors retire in service. Today, Dr. Gerald DeLaune Jr, Amos K. “Major” Amacker, Steve Whittington, Thomas Terral and Phillip Brown all remain very interested in the affairs of the bank. We are a better place because of their service.

Our current board of directors is a cross-section of shareholders and influential members of the communities we serve. We are in their debt every day for their wisdom and guidance. Our current board is comprised of the following individuals: Brian D. Campbell, Chairman, Don W. Ater, Bob D. Flurry, Jimmy R. Smith, Brian Douglas Campbell Jr, Clint Vegas, Bryant Hammett, Michael M. Rabb, Ted Oliver, John David Frith, Brannon Arthur, Neal Condrey and Darryl Ellerbee.