24-Hour Telephone Banking is available at all Delta Bank locations. Please call the Bankline 24 number in your area.

  • 318-336-4600
  • 318-757-4700
  • 318-559-3296
  • 318-574-5334

With Bankline 24, You Can

Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as follows:

Checking or Money Market Accounts

Balance, items cleared, deposits made, search by specific check and amount, interest paid.

Savings, CD or IRA Accounts

Balance, account activity, accrued interest and interest paid, maturity dates, etc.


Balance, payment date information, payment amount, interest paid

Transfer of Funds

Transfer between your checking and savings accounts using Transfer PIN
The security and privacy of your account information is assured by use of a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) which will be requested each time you call Bankline 24, and for each account you wish to access.

The first time you use Bankline 24, you will be asked to enter a predetermined temporary pin. Once in the system, you will be prompted to select any four-digit PIN you wish. This PIN should be protected and disclosed only to those individuals you wish to have access to your account information. Users are required to dial in at least once every 60 days. If more than 60 days elapses the user must call 318-336-4510 and request his/her PIN to be reset.