Bill Pay Services

Delta Bank Bill Pay Personal Service – Free*

Delta Bank Bill Pay Business – $7.50 per month. First 15 payments are included, 50 cents for each additional payment.

Benefits of Bill Pay Services

Delta Bank Bill Pay is a convenient and secure way for you to take care of your bills. The most obvious benefit is that it saves you time paying your bills as well as the money you spend on stamps, checks, envelopes and trips to the post office. But there are more:

  • Automate it – You establish how much to pay, where to pay it, on what day of the month and the service will pay it for you every time.
  • Save time – Paying your bills with Delta Bank Bill Pay saves all the information you need to pay a bill. Paying a bill requires only a simple mouse click if you don’t have auto pay set up.
  • Easy Access – You can do it on your own time whether it be at night, on the weekend or even on a trip. Bills may also be paid through the Delta Bank Mobile apps.
  • Be Secure – Our online bill paying service use the latest technology and security to keep your information safe. Passwords and security keys are required to access your accounts and all your information is encrypted.
  • Get E–bills – You can eliminate paper bills all together if you wish. Many major companies now provide e–bills that are sent to our bill paying service electronically.
  • Avoid Late Fees – Alerts you when bills arrive and when bills are due so you don’t ever “forget” your bills. Alerts can also tell you when a bill has been paid and how much was paid.

Delta Bank Bill Pay is available through Contact any office of Delta Bank for more details about our Bill Pay Services.

Accounts requiring multiple signatures are not eligible for Bill Pay services. Internet service provider and wireless carrier fees may apply.*