CheckGuard Privilege

Delta Bank’s CheckGuard Privilege will allow you to overdraw your personal checking account up to a predetermined amount set forth in this disclosure. A fee may be imposed for covering overdrafts created by check, in person withdrawals, recurring debit card transactions or automated debits. You will continue to pay overdraft (OD fee for paid items) fees of $35 per each overdraft item paid. The non-sufficient fund fee (NSF fee on returned items) is the same for a returned check as it is for a check paid through CheckGuard Privilege. All NSF or OD fees, bank fees and charges will be included in the pre-approved limit.

Eligibility for CheckGuard Privilege:

It is the policy of Delta Bank to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and to conduct business in accordance with safety and soundness standards. There are a few eligibility requirements that will apply to CheckGuard Privilege:

You may not be eligible for CheckGuard Privilege if any of the following occur:

  1. Your total monthly deposits are less than $300.
  2. You are past due on any loan payment.
  3. Your account does not reflect a positive balance at least one time every 32 days.
  4. Your account is subject to any legal or administrative orders or levies.
  5. It appears that any suspicious or improper activity is occurring in your account.
  6. The Bank concludes that you should not participate in CheckGuard Privilege.

Suspension of Privilege:

After your CheckGuard Privilege has been activated, we may suspend your privilege without notice if we become aware of any of the above conditions, or other activity that may indicate a problem with your account.

Other Provisions:

(After eligibility requirements are met)

  • CheckGuard Privilege may be limited to one (1) account per social security number.
  • The CheckGuard Privilege limit is not included in your account balance through online banking, mobile banking, the ATM or on Bankline 24.

Your account agreement describes the duties, obligations, and rights of depositors, authorized signatories and the bank with regard to your deposit accounts. That account agreement is incorporated herein for all purposes as if it were set forth verbatim as to matters not directly addressed by this agreement. Your account agreement and this agreement shall be construed so as to minimize conflicts between the two agreements. However should there be a conflict in the language in the two documents, the language in the account agreement would control.

CheckGuard Privilege Limits:

(After eligibility requirements are met)

  • $500 – Accounts open more than 60 days

Approval of payment of reasonable overdrafts by Delta Bank on consumer accounts in good standing (as described above) is only a discretionary courtesy and not a right or obligation. Delta Bank reserves the right to cancel the CheckGuard Privilege overdraft protection program on any and all accounts without prior notice of reason or cause.

We have other solutions for your short-term financial needs which can reduce the overdraft fees you pay to us. These solutions include a line of credit for which you must qualify or a sweep service which transfers funds from one Delta Bank Checking or savings account to another.

If you are signed up for internet banking and or mobile banking, create an alert which will email or text you when your account reaches the balance you set. More information about these services may be requested at any office of Delta Bank.

Additionally, you may find guidance in managing your budget at Money 101.

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